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01 March 2011 @ 11:31 am
private entry  
 why does it bother me so much whenever britt gets into one of these moods where she has hearts in her eyes over her boyfriend? artie's a terrible boyfriend, not like sam. sure, i fucking hate avatar, but he takes me out to dinner and he never complains when i wants to get my mack on and he's sweet, even when he's a dork. artie is a fucking douche bag. he was throwing money at her at rachel's party and he was laughing at her when she was kissing sam. i was mad because, those are my guppy lips. i owns them, shouldn't he have been like that with brittany. even kurt got his la perlas in a bunch over blaine and dwarf dianne warren, and for fuck's sakes, they're not even going out!

he let her comb her hair with a comb he found on the floor. he told her it was a magic comb because he thinks she's a child. she's not she just... needs someone to explain things to her sometimes. she's a little naive but that's part of what makes her so wonderful.

i don't know, i feel like... jealous or something whenever she makes reference to spending time with him. i saw her writing a note in class yesterday and i'm pretty sure it was for him. it just made me so angry. she spends all her time with him now and i never see her. which, whatever, i know i have sam and i should be spending time with my boyfriend, but i can't help but feel like artie doesn't really love her. i think he's just using her cause she's hot and popular. he doesn't understand her like i do. 

i don't understand why i'm so bothered by this. i wish i had someone to talk to about it...