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22 March 2011 @ 11:29 pm
private entry.  
 ugh, what's that stupid expression about everything going from bad to worse? well, everything is going from bad to worse. 

i don't know what i was thinking, letting myself belief that brittany and i would actually be together. i don't know why i told her that i loved her. i'm still really confused, but mostly i'm hurt and angry at her. i mean, she's the one who wanted to talk about that feelings bullshit in the first place. then, i finally do it and she tells me she wants to be with me only if she breaks up with artie.

fuck that because santana lopez is NOBODY'S second choice. 

sam's still mad at me because he didn't like the awesome, heterosexual song i wrote about his lips. i don't understand what was so bad about it. maybe i should tell sam that i love him. i mean, i don't love him, but i actually loved brittany and telling her that i love her worked out so fan-fucking-tastically well that i don't think that saying it to sam could hurt any worse.

and to top it off my mom is on my ass because i've been acting all depressed lately and i've been neglecting my homework. 75... what a fucking joke. i've never gotten a 75 on an assignment ever. i've been on the honor roll all through high school. so of course, the rolling pin came out and she chased me around the house with it.

trouty mouth is staring at me now on my doorstep, which is where i'm writing this from. i can only take so much of my mom's bitching before i go nuts...

i'm just so... lost. about everything.